Quixe transcripts

It appears the transcript function in Quixe works, but is saving to DOM storage. Is this correct? Is there a good way to pull a full transcript out of storage so it can be sent via email?

No good way. Sorry!

The bad way involves typing “localStorage[‘content:transcript::foo’]” in a Javascript debugging console (Firebug on Firefox, or Safari’s built-in error console). Replace “foo” with the transcript name that you entered when you saved it. The interpreter will dump out a string that looks like “[83,116,97,114,116,32,…]” – a bracketed list of character codes. You can write a script to decode that, or do this in Javascript:

String.fromCharCode.apply(this, eval(localStorage[‘content:transcript::foo’]))

The dialog library would be much improved if there were a way to browse “files”, display the text ones, and delete files (or groups of files) to recover “disk space”. Anybody feel like writing it?

If I’m the admin of the site where the quixe game lives, is there a way (good or bad) for me to access the saved transcript of someone else’s game? Or does the transcript vanish when the player’s session ends?

The data is stored in the user’s browser. It doesn’t expire, but it may get wiped if the user does a “clear cookies” or “clear cache” command.

You could write a tiny web app which listed the transcripts, and let the user display one or email it to you. It’s essentially the same work, but it doesn’t have to be part of the Quixe app – it just has to be hosted on the same server.