Quixe release 1.3.0

I have posted a new version of Quixe on my site: eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/

This version has several bug fixes. The most important is that save files are now standard-format and compatible with Glulx. This is almost completely unnoticeable, because it’s really difficult to get Glulx save files into Quixe, but it turned out to be handy for an experimental fast-startup hack that I, er, experimented with.

On the down side, if you have save files stashed in your web browser from an earlier Quixe installation, they will not work with the new version.

The full changelist:

  • Corrected the format of saved-game files. (In previous versions, the CMem chunk had the wrong format, and a non-standard QFun chunk was stored.) This means that saved games from old versions will not load.
  • Fixed bugs restoring a saved-game file with an active heap.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the game from running if you have Firefox’s cookies disabled. (Now it will run, but external files will be transient.)
  • Updated the Blorb-resource functions to understand FORM chunks (Glk 0.7.4 amendment).

This incorporates GlkOte 1.3.1, which is also a new release, also on my site.

If you want to use this with I7’s “release along with a web site” facility, install eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/Quixe-130.zip.