Quixe not working on FF...?

Ok, I tested my project with z-machine coding. It implemented on the website fabulously! Well, I decided to use a map, which means graphics… which means no z-machine. So I compiled integrating Quixe. Now it won’t load. I have heard that there are problems with IE, but I can’t find anything about it not working on Firefox.

What happens is when I click the link to play, it starts to load then throws up an error with a script - “quixe.min.js”. I have no idea what is going wrong. I don’t know what you may need to know to try and help, but ask and I will supply any info.

This is really frustrating! ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Quixe doesn’t support graphics. It’s a glulx interpreter, but graphics have not been implemented yet, and if you try to open a graphics window (for example), it will crash. There’s some info related to how you might be able to implement the graphics in the browser with some javascript to interact with the game linked from this recent thread:


There have also been a number of other discussions of this, both here and at rec.arts.int-fiction, and on the Parchment newsgroup.


I’m sorry for rehashing old topics. The reason I posted is because I searched the website (and googled for hours) and could not find anything to help. Thank you for pointing out this thread, but it did not help with my problem. I am not trying to use a background image, I am trying to use a game map. Also, I got the same sort of error when trying to load the example http://www.archimedes.plus.com/public/makeitgood/play.html from the link you gave that poster.

Is there any interpreter that can implement in game graphics (like a map) onto a website?

Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting that you were rehashing old topics, just that there was more info on how to do it elsewhere.

Anyway, this is the link I was hoping you would click through to, not the Make It Good link:


(Make It Good should not crash on loading in recent versions of Firefox; if it does, you probably have a separate issue there.)

Briefly, there’s no javascript interpreter that will do this out the box; you will need to use javascript to pass data between game text and the browser. The link above discusses the implementation of a special call in Parchment to pass any kind of data (not just images). Other people have hacked together other solutions.

There is at least one other online interpreter that can do graphics, but it will require some work from you and may not be very performant. You can find out more and try out some examples here:



Thank you Erik, that link to ZMPP seems to be exactly what I’m looking for… only I have been trying to use it to read my story file and it does not seem to be working. It just loads a blank page. I haven’t even tried to use it as an applet yet (not until I know it will read the file). I am reading the usage file right now and it says,

[code]Reading Blorb files

Blorb files must have the same filename as their story files, with a suffix of “.blb”. The
name is case-sensitive, so the name should be exactly the same way as the respective
story file.
Note: ZMPP can handle Blorb-wrapped story files which are recognized by
having either a “.zblb” or “.zblorb” extension.[/code]

I have tried running my .zblorb release file to no avail. I tried releasing without wrapping it and using the suffix .blb - not working either. Just to be clear here is the name of my story file “TESTING.ni” so when I tried releasing it with the other suffix it is “TESTING.blb”.

I know you said that I would have to do some work if I want to use ZMPP, and I am willing to do whatever it takes… I just don’t know what work that may be. Could you possible point me in the direction of some resourses I could turn to? I have been all over the ZMPP site and I can’t find anything.

** Update
Ok, I found out that I need ZMPP2… so I downloaded it. I cannot find a .exe file though. I have been searching for some sort of tutorial or use guide or manual or anything on how to use it, but I am coming up blank.