Quixe not compiling

I’m using inform7. When I say "Release along with the “Quixe” interpreter. " I get:

Problem. I don’t know how to release along with ‘“Quixe” interpreter’ : the only forms I can accept are - ‘Release along with cover art’, ‘…a website’, ‘the solution’, ‘the library card’, ‘the introductory booklet’, ‘the source text’, ‘an existing story file’ or ‘…a file of “Something Useful” called “Something.pdf”’.

What’s going on?

You’re using 6E72?

I’m not sure which version of inform 7 i’m using, but I downloaded it about a year ago.

If you downloaded a year ago, you do not have a version that supports releasing with interpreters. Upgrading may help.

Okay- I updated.

I had to make some slight changes to the source as my game wasn’t compiling due to some new issues. That aside- now I can compile it. I get my Glulx file, but I can’t find any webpage or html or any special file to upload for the Quixe interpreter.

Do I have to release along with a webpage too? I have the “Release along with the ‘Quixe’ Interpreter” sentence by itself.

That should be all you need.

Look in the “Materials” / “Release” folder.