Quixe: limit on output length in a single turn?

In the process of running some tests that result in a lot of output in a single turn (see the spoiler here for approx. quantity), I notice that the first part of the output is never visible in Quixe. The “More” prompt appears only after an (uncertain) quantity of lines have already been printed, and the scrollback does not allow going back beyond the initial printout–in other words, there is no way to ever see the text at the top of the output block.

Is there a limit to the output that Quixe can display “at once”, or is this a bug?


Both. :slight_smile:

The current limit is 200 lines (as measured by line breaks, not wrapped lines).

You can change this easily in glkote.js (max_buffer_length is set up top). Remember to run Quixe via play-remote-full.html so that you load the version you edited, rather than the version squashed into glkote.min.js.

Great, thanks! I’ll probably trim the output a bit anyway. I think it will be more useful to approach things in larger chunks for now–meaning less output.