Quixe compatibility

I’m polishing up a new Quixe release that’s based on jQuery.

I added one feature: the ability to export save files, so you can load them into other Glulx interpreters. While doing this, I found that Quixe’s save format was screwed up in a couple of ways. It worked internally, but it couldn’t exchange with other interpreters properly.

I have fixed this. But, obviously, this means that the save data from old Quixe sessions will not work with the new release.

Is this a problem? Do people have long-running iplayif.com sessions with save files, such that they’d notice if there was a break someday?

(I don’t. I trash my browser cookies/data/history frequently, because I am paranoid.)

If this is a problem, I could work on some kind of hack to try to read both old-format (wrong) and new-format (right) save files. But this would be messy, and perhaps a source of bugs in its own right.

Nobody seems to think it’s a problem. Good. :slight_smile:

I have released GlkOte 2.0.0 and Quixe 2.0.0.


Aside from the save-file export I mentioned above, the changes here are:

  • jQuery instead of Prototype
  • Larger default fonts
  • MIT license (instead of the old casual-BSD-ish license)