Quixe beta-testing

The save-restore code is in – thanks Iain – and I’m ready to call this a beta release.


Test links on that page; also an updated Quixe template for I7. Let me know any problems you have.

There’s one fix on the page which is not yet in the template (or checked into source control). I’m hoping that it fixes a startup problem on IE. If it does, I’ll check it in.

Made one small fix, which should allow save/restore to work correctly in IE8.

Now the story is loaded correctly in Chrome (from I7 template; Release process). Thanx!

But the SAVE command doesn’t work.

>save Save failed.

I made the upgrade with /src/quixe from github, unsuccesfully.

I tested your “loaded the way I7 releases it” story from eblong.com, and the save/restore commands works perfect.

Quite right, my fault. The Quixe.zip package doesn’t contain all the latest files. I’ll fix that tonight.

Uploaded the latest files. This should resolve the problem with Opera and IE8 failing to load the “loaded directly” test case.

it works perfect.

muchas gracias!