Quixe 1.2.0 and GlkOte 1.3.0 released

Web pages:

If you’re an I7 user, you can download eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/Quixe-120.zip and install it in your Inform/Templates directory. Then the “release along with an interpreter” feature will pick up this version.

These wrap up a year’s worth of bug fixes, small features, and Glk API extensions.

  • Ensure that gi_load.js works no matter what order the javascript libraries load.
  • Included GlkOte 1.3.0 (non-support for Glk 0.7.3: expanded sound functions; support for Glk 0.7.4: resource streams)
  • Added a feature to detect printed URLs and turn them into external hyperlinks. (This is not turned on by default.)
  • Added an “Edit” button to the load/save dialog. This allows you to browse, delete, and display stored files.
  • Fixed a bug in glk_cancel_hyperlink_event().
  • Fixed a bug where strings in RAM were being incorrectly cached.
  • Experimental debug info support. If a blorb file contains debug data (as generated by I6), Quixe can be made to parse it and symbolicate stack dumps.

Let me know if anything is not working or missing off the web site. (The release process for these puppies is a puppy gauntlet. Argh.)