Quirkiness with "read" topics

I’ve noticed something else in this version of phpBB that doesn’t seem to work quite right. When you post a new message (a new topic), it will show that the message is unread, until you go back in and read what you just wrote. Also, it seems unreliable on marking topics as read anyway. I’ve looked at the most recent post in some topics, gone back to the list, and noticed that it still shows the topic as unread. I don’t know if they’re already aware of this (and the italics bug), or if a new version is out yet?

Yes, the post read noting has been changed compared to phpBB2. The new “feature” is much less load-heavy on the database, which is why the change was made. But they’ve lately been working on improving it.

As far as the italics bug, I don’t know if it’s fixed in the latest version. I’m currently working on updating the codebase to the CVS version of August 14, but it’ll take a few more days - I can get nice diffs, but for some reason, my patching software complains because I have to patch directories. Guess I’ll have to reinstall linux someday soon - although I intended to wait until Fedora 6.

Of course, we could simply create a new database and transfer everything over, and start with a clean phpBB3 - but there’s a not so slight change in the DB where the bitfields have been changed from integers to varchars, and are base64-encoded. That’ll need a small script done to fix.