Quickly removing NPCs from play

I have a factory setting where some people are working. Once operating hours are over I want all of them to disappear. I can create a “now man1 is nowhere” command for each of them but I thought it might be easier to perhaps create kind of a tag that lets me remove them automatically.

Here’s what I tried.

People can be staff or civilian.

Man1 is a man. Man1 is staff.
Man2 is a man. Man2 is civilian.
Man3 is a man. Man3 is staff.

Now, ideally I would like to say something like

now the people that are staff are nowhere.

but, naturally, it doesn’t work. Is there some kind of syntax or setup I can use to do this?

“now all staff people are nowhere”

That did that trick. Thank you so much. I knew it was just a matter of writing it correctly. :slight_smile: