Quick Question

I am moving a player from a random room in a region to a special battle room. But I don’t know how to move him back after he completes what he has to do. Te problem lies in the fact that when he is moved it could be from whichever room he is in at that point and I don’t know which one. Any solutions?

Someone will probably give you a more complete answer soon, but what you want is to have a variable with the room they’re coming from. So something like: The return location is a room that varies. And then during your action that moves the player to the battle room, set the return location, e.g., The return location is the location. (Note that “the location” is shorthand for “the location of the player”.) Then just move the player to the return location when you’re done.


Does anyone know a way I can do this?

Does Kevin’s solution not work for you?

Kevin? Is that Jacksonmead? If so I’m trying to implement it, I’m just having trouble with it