Quick question about mapping.

Just started getting back into IF after many years. I use to use graph paper for making my own maps, however a quick search turned up a slew of programs i could use. I was wondering what some of you might recommend. Both for playing and for designing and organizing original worlds.

Trizbort. Hands down.

Viable alternatives are IFMapper and GUEMap. But still: Trizbort.

I’ll give an additional vote to trizbort. I use it mainly for designing the more complex maps, which I then export to game code. Or sometimes I’ll use it simply to visualize.

There may be certain quirks to watch out for if you ever plan on exporting a trizbort map to game code, but it’s still pretty good and flexible most of the time.

oh yeah. that was going to be the first of many i was going to try, but i dont see any reason to try anything else. The auto mapping is a really cool feature. doesnt always work with all games, but its still a lot of fun to play with. Thanks guys.