Quick counseling needed - osx Mavericks

Has Anyone tried installing Mavericks on an iMac 24" (from Mountain Lion)? I’m afraid the comp will brick.

Any help, apart from “buy a new iMac”?

Thx a lot

Yeah, I did that. 21" iMac, had 10.8 on it before. No problems with 10.9.

Since Apple has gone to annual OS updates, the updates are rather smaller and more incremental. I don’t think bricking is remotely likely. The last serious OSX upgrade pitfall was when they dropped PPC support (Rosetta), and that was a couple of years ago.

My prob is the old hardware. In my 27" at work, Snow Leopard has complicated a bit the things. Non much of a slowmo, but things got -a bit- slower. So, before I try installing in the home comp (where I store all my PRECIOUS files, like novels and Inform games) I’d like to understand if the comp will keep its (medium) performance or just turn to stop motion…

Attached my actual config.

Thanks a lot, sir.
Schermata 2013-10-24 a 00.14.29.png

Did you do it yet, Marco?

I just went from Snow Leopard to Mavericks on a Mac Pro. I can’t speak about performance hits as my desktop computer was grossly overpowered to begin with. I can say that the only bug I encountered after the upgrade was that my mailboxes in Mail were no longer searchable; they weren’t indexed by Spotlight, either. I fixed these problems by selecting all the mailboxes, then choosing ‘Rebuild’ from the Mailbox menu in Mail.


Up to now I’ve upgraded only a bunch of last-gen Macs, including a couple of second-to-last iMacs. They seem to run very good. I’m much more afraid for my home comp which is from 2007. Sooner or later I will upgrade that too, so I will tell. I just wanted to know how much slower the comp would run but can’t find no news on the net.

For what it’s worth, my mid-2009 Macbook Pro has a slower processor than yours (2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo), and it hasn’t had any performance problems with Maverick. I don’t think anything is slower. But I do have 8GB of RAM, in case that matters. If you’re felling slowdown, an upgrade to 4GB might help, as your system shouldn’t be slow. (8 is probably overkill - I have it because I work with music.)

(I wasn’t prepared that Mail would drop all my RSS feeds though. Luckily, it was possible to find the links in the bowels of the system, so I could copy them into a dedicated RSS reader.)

There was a serious issue with high-end Epson (and possibly other brand) printer drivers and colour profiles that caused me to advise my professional photographer clients to hold off on upgrading to Snow Leopard – the upshot was that if you upgraded it would be impossible to get back your former colour printing character precisely. You could get back something that looks as good if I reprofiled the whole pathway with professional tools, but you could never get back the precise printing characteristics as before – something very important to photo pros, they don’t just want the next print to look as good, they want it to look identical to the last. I don’t remember the exact issue anymore but it was due to a change in the way SL handles profiles internally. Anyway I’m just saying – use cases are very relevant to making such a statement. I know ppl that still keep Leopard-bootable systems around so they can print things that look precisely the same as they did pre-upgrade. (P.S. The problem wasn’t the gamma shift that happened with SL – that’s a different, much more tractable issue, although possibly the changes were related administratively.)

MacMAME Doesnt work in Mavericks. At least the version I have installed.

I always wait at least a year to install any major OS upgrade, unless I am tasked with installing it for somebody. But on my own systems, I’m just not interested in dealing with ANY upgrade hassle. Why solve problems that time is shortly going to solve for you? YMMV

Report: 48hrs into Mavericks and all looks (and feels) good. No big slow down, just some lag when starting apps.