Quick Compatibility check for Dynamic Objects and Tables

Something small I’m building for someone requires dynamic object creation.

I downloaded version 8 (2015-02-08) of Jesse McGrew’s Dynamic Objects extension, and the Dynamic Tables extension which it includes. However, the change log for Dynamic Objects says:

Version 8 works with (and requires) Inform 7 version 6L02.

The key word there being “requires”.

I’m not usually inclined to disagree with the change log, but I don’t know enough about the differences between 6L02 and 6M62 to guess whether I can use or kludge it.

I suppose I could do this in 6L02, but thought I’d check first. Any 6M62 users still working with these extensions, or should I develop my own solution?


I tried version 8 in 6M62 and the example ran. I can’t speak directly to whether anything will go wrong down the road, though it seems likely that if the change from 6L02 to 6M62 were going to break the extension, it would do it blatantly, by causing an abject failure in the compiler or something.

The note that it requires 6L02 likely means that it’s incompatible with older versions; I don’t think 6M62 was out when that update got pushed.