Queuing Actions

Is there a standard way to extend the “try Alice attacking Bob” functionality across several turns?

ie, we can already use ‘try’ to have any given person attempt any given action. What would be useful is to give a person a list of actions, to be attempted one after the other, turn by turn.

I imagined this list would be kept in table form, as it would then be possible to check this list, interrupt actions with more important actions, remove actions, change priorities, check if the person is intending to do something, etc.

However, Inform won’t let me use actions as values in a table. Neither will it let me (at least, to my knowledge) automatically create a blank table with each new instance of a person.

I haven’t had much time to play with this idea, nor to do much research online, but I would have thought this setup would have been implemented before now. Does anyone know if it already exists, and if so, how I can do it?

It sounds like Jesse McGrew’s Action Queuing extension (http://www.inform-fiction.org/I7/Download%20-%20Extensions.html#topic13) should let you do what you want here.