Questions regarding my first i7 extensions

I’ve published a couple of extensions I’ve been working on in tandem with my first I7 story. The first, Reflexive Actions, defines rules and responses for what happens when the player or another actor does something to themselves. For example, > Puppet, rub Puppet will yield the response “Puppet rubbed himself” instead of “Puppet rubbed Puppet”. Not entirely useful! The second, Better Implicit Actions, attempts to condense implicit actions and their explicit counterpart into single, complete sentences. For instance > drop cloak when cloak is being worn should yield the response “You take off the cloak and drop it.

One question I have is when I need to use if the action is not silent. It seems to be undocumented, but I assume it has something to do with try silently. The Standard Rules seem to use it in reporting rules but not in check rules. Another question I have is what license the Standard Rules and i6 templates are licensed under. My extensions are currently licensed under CC0, but that may be an error on my part as I re-use parts of the Standard Rules and i6 templates in one of them. Finally, I was wondering if anyone had an inkling on how to intercept or replace most implicit taking activities. Only a couple of rules seem to carry them out explicitly; implicit taking magically occurs by itself for the rest.

Thanks, and any criticism is welcome.

If that’s the default response, then maybe it’s worth a bug report rather than an extension?

The “action is not silent” test checks the I6 variable keep_silent, which is set both for “try silently…” actions and for implicit take actions. Use it… where it makes sense, I guess. The library uses it for any successful action report for the player, and some successful action reports for other actions – it’s not entirely consistent. Failures messages are never silent.