'Questions' Extension not updating prompt

So I’ve got to work using Matthew’s ‘Questions’ extension, and I’m trying to chain one question to another. I.E. “Do you want to drive” Then if no, exit the car; if yes then ask the next question.
My code will get as far as asking the second question but it won’t update the question prompt. This means the question ‘Where do you want to drive’ has the prompt: “Please answer Yes/No” from the first question.

[code]A yes/no question (this is the ask to drive rule):
If the current question is “Do you want to drive?”:
If the decision understood is no:
Try exiting;
Now current question is “Where do you want to drive?”;
Now current question menu is {“Home”, “The Cafe”, “EXIT”};
Now current prompt is “”; [I’ve tried with and without this line, no change]
Ask a closed question, in menu mode;

A menu question rule (This is the destination to drive rule):
If the current question is “Where do you want to drive?”:

Why’s it doing this?
Also, I’d quite like to pull the list of drivable places from a table if possible, then instead of having literal if statements for every option, I’ll be able to have one bit of code that is used for transporting to any of the locations; Is this possible?

Just as a troubleshooting step: what happens if you try changing the current prompt to something besides “”?

There’s a line in the documentation: “If we set the current prompt to “”, the relevant default prompt outlined above will be used.”

Above it says that the:

Is what it should use by setting the prompt to “”, so it seems that it’s not recognizing you’re asking a closed menu question for some reason?

But try changing the current menu prompt to something else to see if that does anything, or if it’s still defaulting to yes/no.