questions about specific programming languages

Just a friendly note to new members: questions about a specific programming language should be posted on the board for that language, rather than here. So if you want to ask a question about how to do something in Inform 7, for instance, it should go on the Inform 6 and 7 board, not here. The Getting Started part of this board is more intended for general questions like “Which programming language should I use?”

It’s not a problem, it just makes it easier for people to find the topics they’re interested in reading. :slight_smile:

Why not also move the existing topics to the appropriate section?

I would if I were a mod. But I’m not, just a bossy person. :smiley:

I was going to answer one of the questions with TADS 3 code, but now someone’s mentioned it, it would seem cussed.


Ohh, I’m guilty of this one!

The board descriptions aren’t totally clear about it, though.

Maybe just “General game design” or “Game design” would be a better name for the board. Getting started -questions would probably find their way there either way.

I know. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to be confused about it.

I agree. Maybe also add a note to the board description, mentioning that it’s an appropriate place for “which language should I use”-type questions. (Otherwise they might end up down in the Tools board…)

Maybe we could sticky this post?