a good list of competitions is kept at the IFWiki – look below the fold for Competition News.

Doesn’t seem like there’s an obvious choice from that list though. Maybe you should start a CYOA comp.

I’ve fixed it. It’s July 31, 2010, of course (see the official site).

Wow…way to get the goodwill of everyone who’s helped you over the past week or so…

The middle of the year is a bit of a dead time for competitions.

I don’t see how this competition is more susceptible to cheating than any other competition. The prize money is paid only when and if the full game is released within a year after the comp has ended. In theory you could try to send in false votes to up your potential prize money a couple of dollars, but you would still have to finish the game.

And my point is: how does a “genuine” competition you’re looking for prevent this?

I think nearly every IF competition uses public voting, with the possible exception of the Art Show. Can’t remember for that one.