Question Regarding Public Library Being Down and Extension Breaking Compiler?

I think I may have found a potential answer in regards to the extension- Plurality by Emily Short- breaking the compiler, but I wanted to ask anyway to get some context. I’m EXCEPTIONALLY new to Inform 7 and following a tutorial, which suggested including Plurality by Emily Short, but I’m getting the impression that maybe it’s not functional with this version of Inform 7? Is there a replacement for it?

Also, I went to look for extensions in the Public Library of my Inform 7, but it says it’s “disconnected”. I downloaded Inform 7 relatively recently, but is it possible it needs to be updated? Is this normal? The site didn’t appear to be down- I found the extension on my own after seeing the Library was down.

Thank you to anyone for any help!


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Plurality hasn’t been relevant since version 6G60 from 2010. Similar (but not identical) functionality was built into version 6L02 in 2014 and subsequent versions. But the I7 docs don’t provide the kind of detail on how it works and how one could customize it that Plurality’s docs did.

So Rewriting old code that uses Plurality by Emily Short is the only guide I know.

The Inform 7 Documentation and Resources post is a good first place to look for pointers, if overwhelmingly long. It includes a link to the above thread (tucked away in the Updating 6G60 section). You might want the other things in that section to follow the tutorial you’re using. But it also includes links to more current tutorials.


Are you on a Mac using the version from the App Store? You need the one from the Inform 7 Downloads page instead.

Wasn’t Eric Eve’s “Epistemology” also absorbed into the code permanently since it was so useful - similar to the functionality of Plurality?

No, Epistemology ships with the Inform packages and is mentioned in the docs but is still an extension.

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No, I’m using Windows, does that still apply?

Was Plurality absorbed?

That’s definitely not normal. The Public Library is really a specially formatted web page, which is at Emily Short’s domain at, but the whole of seems to be down, in fact there’s no DNS registry entry for it, which isn’t a good sign. It was definitely working fairly recently, but the problem is at the server, so there’s nothing you can do as a user.

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Emily Short’s blog was updated on 12/31. That is a good sign.

Yes, my answer about Plurality is definitely true for versions of Inform 7 since 6G60; I was asking about platform to try to approach your other question about the Public Library… but David has gotten to the bottom of that. Right now, no one anywhere is connecting to the Public Library.

I’ve emailed Emily at the public email address given on her blog regarding the issue so no one else needs to do that… but I’ll hope that someone might be reaching out via a more direct means of contact that’s likelier to be seen sooner.

[ Edited: Emily responded, so she’s aware of the issue and says she will pursue it. ]


The site seems to be back up now.


@Darkovika are you able to use the Public Library now?

I can access the library and blog, but is still no good for me. I tried, but got redirected to, which tells me to go to is that intentional?

I think that is now really just a placeholder containing the public library and a redirection to