Question on Timesys library WAIT command

I’m using the TimeSys library extension & adv.
When the command is - wait until 5 - the game waits 5 turns (5 minutes).
When the command is - wait until 5:00 - the game waits until 5:00 o’clock.

I really want them to mean and do the same thing. Wait until N should be different than Wait for N, but it seems that the player must type in the full Hour:Min format or it interprets the command the same way.

I’m getting better at learning TADS, but fixing this nuisance is beyond me. Anyone come across this before? I appreciate all the help given here.


Someone may get to this quicker than I, and I haven’t seen the timesys extension yet, but it seems like something you might be able to accomplish by modifying the VerbRules…

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I’ll try to find the timesys extension when I get home from work this evening…

Can you be clearer about what you want? Wait until 5 should do something different from wait for 5?
Currently those are both part of the same VerbRule, and thus will perform the same action
If you want wait for 5 to be the same as wait for 5:00, you also would need to modify the VerbRule, because currently it looks for a singleTime grammar. You’d need to modify it to accept an integer as well…