Question on Extensions (Again)

I was trying to look up how to do implicit actions. So I did a search and stumbled on this: … index.html

That looked pretty interesting to me. But I didn’t remember seeing that in the wider list:

And sure enough, I don’t.

But I know from past discussion that the Inform Extensions page is the possibly outdated stuff and that there’s the GitHub repo. So I checked there and I see this:

Implicit Actions is not there either. So do I assume that’s just because – what? It’s been removed? Deprecated? Who knows?

We’ve been talking in a few threads about community help. Does it make sense to get volunteers (I would be one) to check on the status of extensions, what’s where, what still works, etc? My understanding from folks here and a little from the manual is that approved extensions go to the Public Library. Currently there are two places – not even including cached but not directly available extensions, as the one I showed above – where extensions can be found. Would it help to start shepherding some of those to the Public Library?

It’s in the Public Library. (Usually you won’t need to check that site directly since it’s accessible from within the IDE.)

Huh. I see it there but I don’t see it in my Inform 7 IDE, which I click on Public Library and click the “Everything” button. I notice that I don’t also see “Limited Implicit” actions or “NPC Implicit Actions” but I do see those on the web url. Tried restarted the IDE and re-indexing current work and finally creating a new project.

Okay, this is a local issue to me. Much sadness. I’ll see what extensions are on that URL that I’m not seeing in my Public Library.