Question about running intest

I’m trying to set up an intest project but the tool fails silently. How can I check that it sees my .intest file and the test cases? Don’t know how can it miss the project/Tests/project.intest file.

when you invoke it, are you specifying one or more cases or saying all?

I use all.

Here’s a working example of making intest do something trivial:

$ mkdir -p project/Tests/Test\ Cases
$ touch project/Tests/Test\ Cases/Foo
$ touch project/Tests/Test\ Cases/Bar
$ cat > project/Tests/project.intest
-cases 'project/Tests/Test Cases'

step: echo $CASE
$ intest project all
project -> cases: [1] [2]
  Both tests succeeded (time taken 0:02, 2 simultaneous threads)

Could you share your .intest file?

Thank you! Turns out, I ran it from the project folder and started the file with a path relative to the intest file ('Test Cases' instead of 'project/Tests/Test Cases'). It’s a surprise that everything should be relative to the directory above the project’s one.

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Pushed the code to Github, it’s for RInform library.

Russian Inform in Cyrillic?! Awesome!