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how to create interactive fiction games with this website


Can you explain more what you’re having trouble with? You click “Start a new game”, log in, and then start writing code in Inform 7.

thats the thing i thought you just type regular but, i don’t know inform code.

In that case is better that you download and install inform 7, because it has an incorporated manual. Try it!


could you send the manual because as of right now i can’t because i don’t have a mac or windows computer yet.

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this is probably not the right place to ask this but how would I become a beta tester

Beta tester of what? Inform 7? Interactive Fiction works? Games in general? High speedy cars? :wink:

There is a category on this site dedicated to beta testing at:

Might be able to answer some of your questions and/or hook you up with authors who need beta testers.

how do I become a beta tester for if games in general

Yeah, people usually ask for help in this forum.

Also you can participate in competitions, and interchange betatesting with other authors.