question about Emily Short's "Status Line Removal" extension

The blurb says it’s for both Glulx & Z-machine as of version 2, but it no workie for Glulx.

I tried looking in Jon Ingold’s Flexible Windows extension (which doesn’t compile in my WIP for some reason), and Erik Temple’s Glulx Status Line Control. So I put this bit into my WIP: Include (- [ InitGlkWindow winrock; return (winrock == GG_STATUSWIN_ROCK); ]; -) after "Definitions.i6t".
which seems to do the job. Is there a reason Emily’s extension doesn’t include this? Am I incurring some subtle bug?

Status Line Removal works fine for me under Glulx. It sounds like maybe you already have an InitGlkWindow routine in your WIP—? That’s the only thing I can think of that would kill both Flexible Windows and Status Line Removal…


How does it run fine under Glulx? It won’t even compile. The whole extension is marked “for z-machine only”

Ah, looks like you pulled a little switcheroo. Your original post suggests that you’re using version 2, but couldn’t get it to work. Version 2, which is what I have installed, works just fine with Glulx. But it looks like Emily has made the extension z-machine only again for v3. Maybe because there are two other extensions that do the same thing for Glulx? I don’t know.


I changed it because after some changes under the hood, the extension no longer did what I wanted it to under Glulx; but on the other hand it didn’t seem important to spend time solving the problem since, as you say, there are other extensions to handle it.

Sorry for the confusion.

@Erik: er, well, yeah I had the most current version, 3, but I took the blurb on the website to mean “as of version 2, supports Glulx”

@Emily: Perhaps the change was temporary, cause it seems to work again? (Hm. Maybe I oughtta test it on actual 'terps. Or search the archives! I’ll do that!)

Anyway, the other options are heavy as lasagna, requiring pulling in two or three extensions just to remove something.

EDIT TO ADD: I think I found it: … eda69db958
Seems the reason was: the simple way of removing it is the way that breaks other windowing extensions like the two I mentioned above.

That blurb needs to be changed, if nothing else.

If that’s the reason, then it would be better if Status Line Removal went ahead and removed it for Glulx too, indicating that it might not be compatible with other extensions. The method used is the same one that Flexible Windows and Glulx Status Window control use, so it seems like it’s pretty well tested.


I am completely, totally snowed under workwise, so I am not going to do anything about this soon. If someone else wants to tweak and send in a new version of the extension, I won’t object, however.

Funny, I was just about to post again to say that I’d be happy to update it (or write a new Glulx-only removal extension), if that were wanted. I’ll slap something together and post it here for testing.


OK, here’s a draft version 4 of Status Line Removal. I’ve tested it by itself in Zv5, v6, and v8, and on the Glulx side with Flexible Windows, Simple Graphical Window, alone, and on on a couple of terps (using git and glulxe under the hood), as well as Quixe. It seems to work fine.

Download and test on your own machine if you have the inclination: … emoval.i7x


Beautiful! Post it.

Em: hope the work is worthwhile, even fun.

OK, I’ve submitted it to the library. Thanks, Emily and Ron!


Thanks for the help, Erik!