Question about beta testing

I have seen in a lot of interactive fiction games where the author would mention who beta tested the game and reported the bugs to them and I was always wondering how would I become a beta tester

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When people make their games, they either email people they know to beta test or post publicly for help. A lot of people post on here, so you can just keep an eye out for it (around once a month).

Alternatively, you can post an announcement kind of like this so that people know they can message you when they need a tester.


yeah, you’ll likely become SUPER popular if you just say “I’d like to playtest some games!” Most of us struggle to find testers outside of our friend network.


where would I put that message at exactly

This very category is “Beta Testing Requests and Discussion” so you’re in the right place.

As far as beta testing, there are periodic requests throughout the year. You just missed the lead-up to IFComp which is when the most games are being readied for publication and everyone is needing testers, but hang around and keep an eye for people requesting feedback or testing.

Also the fact you’ve announced your desire to test might get you some PMs from people who haven’t announced but are in or near the testing phase.