question about a piece of code

Heres the code (basically the van helsing example from recipe book)

Every turn during day 1 after school:
if the location of Katie is not the location of the player:
let the way be the best route from the location of Katie to the location of the player, using doors;
try Katie going the way.

Question is this. It works fine, I am using it in a way where you are walking someone home and when they get there they go inside and that’s it…but the “Katie arrives from the south” doesn’t seem natural. Is there a way to modify that to something a little more organic. or to have her follow silently I tried fiddling around with diff bits to have it do that but it would’nt compile.

Usually if you want something to silently happen, you’d write:

try silently Katie going the way.

Though despite it’s name it’s not always silent. You’ll still get failure messages (like if you “try silently” to remove an item from the player when they don’t hold it, you’ll still get the “you don’t seem to be carrying that” or “you can’t reach that item” failure messages).

Anyways, have you tried that yet?

yup it worked, thanks…amazing what one little slight change can a make.

Yeah, Inform can be like that. The solution is always simple, but never obvious.

yeah that is a lesson I am learning more and more.