QuestComp 2013!

We at Quest forum decided to have a QuestComp, and it works with all us Knights. (Geddit? Knights and Quest?) Here is the original and official post:


[size=150]£100 or 151 American Dollars for the winner! Thank you Phillip![/size]
[size=150]An android version for your game[/size][size=50]was suggested, and might work.[/size]

Some Links

The organiser’s email (email him to be a judge or intent to enter):
The original post from Quest Forums:
The official Quest Forums post:
The Quest Comp in is here:

Some Numbers

There have been 4 official mails, with one from Thank you!
3 tentative request.
And a few judges (including the co-ordinator)

That’s very kind. I had actually suggested the idea of a competition on the ADRIFT forum shortly before the idea came up on the Quest board [emote]:lol:[/emote]. Perhaps you could swing past and ask there too?

While the idea was suggested, there are no formal plans to include any other IDE’s in QuestComp (this year), so I would encourage you to continue setting up a competition for ADRIFT separately. This is not to say that Alex, myself, or anyone else at the Quest forums have anything against ADRIFT, it just didn’t seem to coalesce well this time around.
@Campbell: If you’re interested in doing a joint/VS competition sometime in the future, I would recommend you speak to Alex about it directly. I would be happy to organize it if you two agree on a general concept for it.

It’s probably best that you don’t suggest things on an initial post about a competition if you don’t mean it. I quite liked the idea of a head to head (as I posted on Alex’s forum), but I am not fussed either way.

I’ve dabbled in Quest, never in Adrift. Are the two related but different from Inform, or is it just because there’s already a lot of Inform stuff in other comps?

They’re unrelated, but share some common features. They’re intended as easy-access languages, as opposed to the more code-heavy Inform/TADS/Hugo; they have fairly distinct communities with their own design expectations; they historically have entered few games into general-admission comps (and those that have been entered have tended to do poorly).

Quest is indeed intended to be easy to pick up, but the “mission” is a bit broader than that. It’s not all about being “easy” - there’s a full programming language behind Quest, so the idea is that it’s easy to get started, but gives you all the power you need.

Another aim of Quest is to bring new technology to text-based games - hence the support for interacting with HTML and JavaScript, with the aim to create new kinds of UI. It’s not all typing in commands for the parser - which is why Quest games can include verb hyperlinks. You can also create gamebooks in Quest - so the project is designed for all kinds of “interactive fiction”.

Indeed one of the aims of QuestComp is to explore the uses of some of these - such as automatic mapping.

Quest is also fully open source. Unlike Inform, nothing is developed in secret, and the project accepts pull requests. There is a core library of functionality which is written in Quest’s own programming language, meaning if you know Quest, you can also add features to it for the benefit of everybody.

Oh and you can create smartphone and tablet apps too.

So really, I suppose it’s intended as an open project to bring new kinds of interactive fiction to new kinds of audiences.

And it’s getting there I think… Come and join in!

The site-page for the comp should go up around Tuesday, March 12 or shortly thereafter.
In the meantime, if anyone would like to submit intent to compete (or volunteer to judge), you can go ahead and e-mail me:

If there are any questions, you can ask here or on the QuestComp forum thread. I’ll keep an eye on both.

Well, all three of them introduce IF to non-programmers. (Inform 7, not 1-6) Just like Eric Eve in his TADS vs Inform 7 comparison said, there are many similarities between [Inform 7 and TADS] but these are deliberate. For example, most systems have the room on top of the containment hierachy. So they are related but different.

It might be a good idea to put a link to the Quest website in the original post.


Thanks to Phillip Zolla for sponsoring a first prize for the QuestComp of £100!

That’s $151, guys! Now some more people who want to enter?

Ooh, the deadline is in roughly 35 hours time. I should probably finish writing my entry.

Any updates on this? The textadventures forum didn’t have anything. I hope this is A Thing.

I haven’t heard anything from the organiser for a while - he last logged in to the textadventures forum about 10 days ago, so I hope nothing bad has happened.

I’ve emailed him so hopefully will hear something soon.

Yeah, I emailed the guy maybe the day before yesterday but I haven’t heard anything yet. (My own entry is incomplete so I held off entering it-- so if you see something Plague themed in a later comp, you’ll know why…)

The organiser has reappeared: … =10&t=3713

Nice. He sent me an email, too–I offered to be a judge–so we’ll see how it goes. The first time organizing a new comp can be a bit rocky, but looks like there’s already one entry for sure.

The entries are now in! … es-are-in/