Quest WebEditor

You know how you wait ages for a web-based text adventure editor and then two come along at once?

Quest WebEditor is now in beta - here’s a blog all about it, with a quick tour, and details of how to pester me for access to the private beta (public beta will be in a few weeks assuming all is well)

Blog: Introducing Quest WebEditor – create text adventures online in your browser

Looks very nice! And since it came up in the other thread, I’m curious here too – any plans for collaborative editing? And will you be able to export a game for mobile like you were working on with the desktop editor?

Collaborative editing is definitely an option to look into - even if initially it’s simply sharing the file so different people can edit it at different times.

And yes, any games created via the web can be converted into apps just the same as games created via the desktop, because there’s no difference (soon I will add the ability to upload and download the .aslx file so you can switch back and forth - and Dropbox integration would let you do that seamlessly).

Cool. I’ll have to check this out again soon. Will be nice to finally play around with it on my Ubuntu machine.

The web-based version of Quest is now in public beta. This means you can now at last use the Quest editor on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, etc!

Read all about it on the blog or just go ahead and start using it!