Quest - Prize in IFComp

The creator of the Quest development system is giving away Quest plus $100 as a prize in the IFcomp this year. What’s the “QuestNet Server” though? Does Quest do multiplayer IF?

I think* (though don’t quote me on this) that QuestNet Server allows people to create multiplayer IF games with Quest that are playable over the internet. Probably similar to a MUD.

  • As far as I know, despite the years the software’s been out, no one has ever gone ahead and actually done this so how Questnet Server is to use I couldn’t say. I wrote a small game in Quest a few years ago but never had any great desire to write anything else.

Yes, Quest does do Multiplayer games.

Judging by the general opinion of Quest though, I’m not surprised he’s including $100 bucks in that package. It’s doubtful anyone would pick it otherwise.

Haven’t tried it myself, but I definitely would if I picked that prize.

I’d give it a shot, provided I can run it on a Linux server. Right now, it’s the 2nd best prize cash-wise. If that remains true and nothing else makes up the difference in value, I’d assume the 2nd place winner will pick it. But the 2nd place winner is probably going to be really comfortable with the system they’re already using, if they’ve written a game good enough for 2nd place.

It’s still really cool of him to donate, though. I’ve been thinking about making a cash prize donation, or gift certificates or something. When I donated those two sets of used games last year, I didn’t realize I’d be throwing in over $30 per set for overseas shipping! [emote]:cry:[/emote] [emote]:)[/emote]

Ha! 30 bucks for overseas shipping?! You should’ve used the USPS! (Assuming you live in the US.)

I might donate something simple. Depends on my cash situation in the next month or so.

Yeah, I used USPS. It was something like $35 or $36 each, due to the destinations and the weight of the packages (six boxed games add up, I suppose). I even had to fill out customs forms, if I recall correctly. I’d hate to donate something and say “US winners only please”, but no way can I donote prizes that probably aren’t even worth the cost of shipping again! [emote]Smile[/emote]

That’s strange. I’ve sent things overseas before (granted, it was like a Game Boy Advance game or something) but I only spent like 4-5 bucks on shipping. I think I declared the value as like 5-10 dollars though, so I didn’t have to spend any customs fees.

Yes, you can put those things in a priority envelope, they’re very light, and the base rate is about $10 to most countries. When I sent out IFComp 2005 T-Shirts, even the most expensive of them came to about $10. But when you’ve boxed up something heavier, it’s really expensive.

Stil, I appreciated them. 8)

Quest is strictly Windows-only from what I know of it, although someone on the Quest forum (one of the moderators called Tron) managed to get it working on Linux. I don’t know how well it runs on Linux - I don’t use Linux myself so I didn’t follow the discussion very closely - but it’s a start at least.

I’ve been working on a clone of the Quest runner. I’ve got most of the groundwork laid out (cas disassembler, qsg analyzer, preprocessor, asl reader), and the more I analyze it, the lower my opinion.

Are you planning to update it when the new version of Quest comes out?

It depends on how much he changes with the new version of Quest.