Quest Comp 2014

I have posted the formal announcement and rules to the the new Quest Comp blog:

There is an official thread on for asking questions, making comments, discussing the games/stories, etc.
We do not have a list of judges yet, so feel free to start volunteering at any time. If you wish to contact me directly regarding Quest Comp, please e-mail “the organiser”:
Part of the reason I set this up was to make sure I had a nice clean e-mail account to receive official messages in that would not be cluttered up by all my personal e-mails and spam. I will make sure to check this account once or twice a day for the duration of the competition.
For anyone who missed how this year’s comp came to be what it is, go here.

Wow. What a coincidence that our two things have the same theme and even the same word count limitation. [emote]:lol:[/emote]

Wow, that is amazingly similar. In fact, what you’re doing is closer to my original intention of creating “the interactive-fiction version of flash-fiction.” What we’ve ended up with is basically just adaptation of flash-fiction without any specific limitations on the game itself. I tried to suggest a variety of restrictions to emulate flash-fiction, like room count or takeable-item count, but… the general reaction was negative.


So far, only one person has sent me any stories. Even if I write up a few myself, that’s only two authors for designers to choose stories from. To be frank, I don’t like the feel of that. It reeks of favoritism. So, unless I get a flood of short-stories in the next week or so, I’m planning to just drop that whole side and let people make whatever they want with no topical restriction.

is there no competition with a common theme?

we all know about competitions for varying game lengths, but how about a single theme? A common spelled out scenario?

might be cool

It has come to my attention that the official blog page had the e-mail address for the organizer incorrectly listed as “@google” instead of “@gmail”.
It is listed correctly in the introductory post of this topic. If anyone submitted anything prior to March 28, please re-submit it. My apologies.

We’ve passed the deadline for story submissions. After fixing the contact e-mail on the blog and posting about it here and on I did not receive any additional stories, although Entropic Pen did send me an interesting idea. Since it would seem a little awkward for the comp to suddenly become “everyone make a game based on stories by Jay Nabonne” it looks like we’re just going to have to default on the adaptation portion of the comp.

Which means this is now a completely open-ended competition. There will be no theme requirements. The schedule was set for me to post the stories tomorrow, so instead I will be posting a re-format of the rules. They won’t be anything unusual or unexpected. Try to submit intent to enter within the next couple of weeks. Completed games will be due July 1st.