Quest 6 development

Is anyone following the development of Quest 6, which will supercede the old ASP-based system? I’m excited about it because it will be entirely Javascript-based (and thus portable) and built on an already sophisticated framework by their senior developer.

Link to the Quest 6 wiki and files on GitHub

It looks like the developer took a 'rona break this year but is back on the wagon. I’m going to program my next IF work in this, in whatever state it’s in.

Anyway, I’m interested in whatever thoughts you all have about this.


I had a quick look at it recently. Looks promising. However, I am under the impression that it will not be backwards compatible, i.e. games written with Quest 5 cannot be played in Quest 6(?) - not sure if that is correct?

Maybe @The_Pixie could answer that.

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Translation from Quest 5 is possible but limited. See here.

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Denk is correct; it is not (and will not be) backwards compatible with earlier versions of Quest, including Quest 5.

Quest 5 is a game-player and game-editor, and as such will play Quest 1 to Quest 5 games. Quest 6 is more of a framework, in that it adds to JavaScript. The game-player is your browser.

There is a program that helps authors convert from Quest 5 to 6, but it still requires some work from the author to get everything working. It will hopefully get improved, but I doubt it will ever be able to do a conversion all in one go.

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