QTads 2.1 has been released

I’ve just released version 2.1 of QTads, a Multimedia/HTML TADS interpreter for Linux, Mac, Windows and other platforms. There were quite a few enhancements and important fixes to warrant a minor version bump.

You can grab it from:


Note to Ubuntu 10.10 users: You will need to install the “libqt4-network” package in addition to the usual dependencies (“libqt4-gui”, “libsdl-mixer1.2” and “libsdl-sound1.2”.)

Kubuntu comes with “libqt4-network” already installed by default.

Changes since 2.0.2:

  • Page-pauses (aka “MORE” prompts) are now occurring when the game displays more content that will fit in the window.
  • Banners can now have borders. Note that borders are controlled by the game; it’s not a feature that can be switched on or off by the player.
  • Banners now correctly take margins into account when calculating sizes. This fixes the banner at the bottom in “Walker & Silhouette” for example.
  • The interpreter will no longer allow scrolling in banners unless the game allows it.
  • Text rendering is now faster and performs less drawing operations.
  • The interpreter is now able to perform on online check for new versions through the “Help->Check for Updates” menu item.
  • Some GUI elements were changed to better comply with various “Human Interface Guidelines” on several platforms. This includes changes in the menus as well as using sheets for some dialogs on Mac OS X.
  • On the Mac, running a game by dropping its file on the QTads icon is now supported.
  • When the VM requests input from the player, the maximum allowed length of input is now taken into account. Previously, the interpreter would allow input to be much longer than what the VM accepts and the extra characters were simply truncated.
  • The last entered directory for the “Open New Game” dialog is now remembered between sessions.
  • Various minor bugfixes and enhancements not worth mentioning here.