QTads 2.1.2 has been released

Version 2.1.2 of QTads, a Multimedia/HTML TADS interpreter for Linux, Mac, Windows and other platforms, is now available for download:


This version provides new features as well as bug fixes. Changes since 2.1.1:

  • The TADS virtual machines have been updated to 2.5.15/3.1.0. Note that QTads cannot run WebUI games (yet) because the “tads-net” function set is not fully implemented yet. For the time being you can run WebUI games with FrobTADS.

  • A “soft scrolling” option is now available in the configuration dialog. When enabled, output from the game will scroll-in line by line instead of all at once.

  • On Mac OS X, text positioning could be off by a few pixels in some circumstances. This should now no longer occur.

  • An error dialog is now displayed when trying to open a file that is not a Tads game. Previously, the error message was displayed on stdout.

  • When running in KDE, it is not possible anymore to move the interpreter window by simply clicking somewhere inside the game window where no text has been printed yet. The game window is never really “empty”, so this kind of “window grabbing” should have not been allowed to begin with.

  • The confirmation dialog that appears when trying to restart or quit a game can now be disabled via newly introduced configuration dialog options.

  • File I/O safety levels can now be configured seperately for read and write access.

  • An online update check is now performed when the application starts. The behavior is configurable via new configuration dialog options.

Great, thank you!