PyGTK-based Gargoyle configurator [idea]

I’ve successfully compiled and run a win32 .exe file showing two dialogs (font and color) and text preview. Exe is huge (9.5M) but the fun part is I made it on a Linux box using Wine and PyInstaller.

As I understand, garglk doesn’t use any cross-platform widget library (GTK, QT, wxWindows) so it cannot have configuration dialog.
Initially I toyed with an idea to implement it in Inform7 using menus and graphical preview window, but that seemed too hackish.

So what I ended up is Python GUI app using GTK2.24.2 that would display “configuration master” showing what files similar to garglk.ini are available for user, allowing to generate new files or change existing ones.
It will have a static preview of game-like output the same way as Lectrote Preferences (but with more possible output elements). Ideally, I would embed Chimara to show a real sample ulx file, but Chimara seems to depend on GTK3 which I’m not yet familiar with (couldn’t install it on my Debian Jessie, and not sure about its Windows port status).

(And if I manage to embed Chimara with a couple of/all of its interpreters, then it would become Gargoyle analog with widgets).
Preferences will probably be stored in JSON and translated to garglk.ini format or to CSS as needed.

Please chime in if you have any ideas.

P.S. says:

So probably it’s possible to use Python bindings for GTK+3 on Windows, it just requires some set up on development workstation.

Well, apparently without a way to switch off “font smoothing” there’s not much value in changing the color scheme.
I tried to make it Molokai, the one I use in Sublime Text, like this:

windowcolor 272822 # overall window background color bordercolor 66D9EF # border line color caretcolor ffffff # input caret color morecolor 80ff80 # more prompt color tcolor 0 ffffff 272822 # Normal tcolor 1 ffffff 272822 # Emphasized tcolor 2 ffffff 272822 # Preformatted tcolor 3 ffffff 272822 # Header tcolor 4 ffffff 272822 # Subheader tcolor 5 F92672 272822 # Alert tcolor 6 ffffff 272822 # Note tcolor 7 FD971F 272822 # BlockQuote tcolor 8 A6E22E 272822 # Input but white smoothed font on almost black just didn’t look good.
Screenshot-worlds.gam - TADS 2.5.14.png