Putting x in y

Sorry if this is a major noob question, but how do I prevent the player from putting an object into a container that it clearly will not fit in (eg putting a machine gun into a matchbox). I mean I would have thought it would be as simple as; Instead of putting the machine gun in the matchbox, say “That won’t fit.”.

I’ve read that inform can get a little confused about the word ‘put,’ so is is there a synonym I’m missing. I’ve tried ‘place’ or ‘insert’ but nothing seems to work.

Thanks so much and apologies again for what is, I’m sure, me making a basic mistake.

Like Bon Jovi, you’re halfway there: the name of the action is “inserting it into” so you could write:

Instead of inserting the machine gun into the matchbox, say "That won't fit."

To find this out without having to trawl through the documentation, you could try using the Index tab; go to “Actions” and you can find a list of actions. Or (this is what I usually do) run your game, type “actions,” and then try your command “put machine gun in matchbox”; it’ll print the name of the action you’re performing, and that’s what you want to block.

Also a shortcut:

A thing can be pocketable.

Check inserting something into the pocket:
-if the noun is not pocketable:
–say “That won’t fit in the pocket.” Instead.

The stick of chewing gum is pocketable.

Thanks for the help (and the music references)!

In the I6 world, I dealt with this problem by having a “tiny” attribute. Then containers that could only contain tiny things would check for that attribute before allowing something to be put inside.