putting things in pockets - TADS3.1

I have enclosed the code for the Actor’s shorts and shirt. The way I have it arranged, I am not able to put any object into any of the pockets. Should I try making the shorts and the shirt both into a bag of of holding; in which case how do I show the pockets?


   'pair/khaki/khakis/shorts''pair of rugged khaki shorts'
   "It's a pair of khakis with large, useful pockets. "

   "One of the things you like best about these shorts is the nice, deep
    pockets. "
   affinityFor(obj){return 200;}
   theName='your khaki pockets'
   aName='khaki pockets'
   disambigName='khaki pockets';

++AlwaysWorn 'khaki shirt''tough khaki shirt'
   "The tough shirt matches your shorts and also has some useful pockets. "

   "Like your shorts, the shirt also has some handy pockets. "
   affinity(obj){return 150;}
   theName='your shirt pockets'
   aName='shirt pockets'
   disambigName='shirt pockets';

The problem turns out to be distressingly simple. You failed to put a space in the vocabWords of the pockets. You need:

'(khaki) pocket/pockets'

T3 doesn’t usually care about spaces – but any time you’re within quotation marks, you need to be careful. That space is what separates the adjective vocabWords from the noun vocabWords.

Thanks again for all the help and quick response you guys furnish. I would have worked on that one for days. I’m now working on rooms and ‘things’, so I’m sure I’ll be posting on this forum many more times.