Putting a game file into IFDB during a comp

Hey All-
So what is the deal with getting a game file in IFDB during a comp? Do I submit that, or does the comp do it? The listing is there, but not the game file. I don’t want to put it in if it’s already done by someone else. What’s the standard here?


Unless the competition rules say otherwise, it is each author’s responsibility to make their game available if they so choose. (Notably, IFComp uploads all entries to the Archive once judging begins.)

Keep in mind that IFDB does not host game files, it only links to them. So you need to upload your file somewhere else (e.g., submit it to the IF Archive), then edit the IFDB entry to link to that location.


Thanks! So not during IFComp, but yes during other comps. Got it!

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I missed several things here and there while listing all the festival entries. Feel free to add to the listings, they’re meant to be a living document. I will add a link to play your game online.


Thanks so much, Kaemi! But I just submitted the file to the archive, so it should be good to go once that gets processed.


Under the Download links field, if you link directly to the gblorb file


instead of the zip, you will get a play online link as well as a download link

You might also want to put a link to Spring Thing under the Web site field.

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Is the file type an html document? An application? Man, do I struggle with this.

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Try clicking the box saying it’s a game file and you should get the blorb option in the drop down menu.