PUtPBaA commands that don't do anything

Cheap entertainment: Try to find commands that aren’t implemented in Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle.

Here are the ones I’ve found so far (trivial variations omitted):

[spoiler]>drop booth
The phone booth is already here.

drop me
You lack the dexterity.

[Kind of surprising that one isn’t implemented.]

get off booth
But you aren’t on the phone booth at the moment.

unlock me with pants
That doesn’t seem to be something you can unlock.

lock me with pants
That doesn’t seem to be something you can lock.

ask booth for booth
The phone booth has better things to do.

tell booth about me
This provokes no reaction.

push booth north
Is that the best you can think of?

[I’m guessing this used to be a standard Inform response, but it isn’t in 6L02.]

switch me on
You’re not something you can switch.

switch me off
You’re not something you can switch.

insert booth into me
You need to be holding the phone booth before you can put him into something else.

consult booth about booth
You discover nothing of interest in the nothing.

[In the… what?]

set booth to eleven
No, you can’t set him to anything.[/spoiler]

Is there a canonical list of these things somewhere?

PUTPBAA does have a “walkthrough” of all supported commands; coming up with unsupported ones is left as an exercise to the reader. After killing myself making “50 Shades of Jilting”, I consulted the list of functional commands to see what other likely inputs I would need to implement to achieve the “the developer thought of everything!” effect and concluded that I was probably only about a quarter of the way there (in spare moments since, I have brought myself up to probably 30%… perhaps the refurbished Complete 50 Shades will be released in time for its 5th anniversary. That’s, um, a lot of work for what amounts to a pretty stupid joke.) I asked myself how PUTPBAA did it, but I saw that it had quite a few more authors than my game did – and also that many of the responses are fairly nonsensical, which makes things easier.

I loved your game, I suggested the song! Did you make responses to every part of the song? That was my only slight disappointment.

I think you did “Slip out the back, Jack” but I tried MAKE A PLAN and MAKE A NEW PLAN but it didn’t do anything.

You don’t need to.


Sorry to cast aspersions on the premise, it was very nice working with a clear road map.

My first mistake was deciding I didn’t want to limit enjoyment of the game to those already familiar with the song, so I prioritized what I felt were likely (or at least, easy or fun for me to implement) actions. In the fullness of time, all permutations of all lyrics from this song (and who knows, perhaps a few others) will be supported. But not until my kids are both sleeping through the night 8)

Oh, I wasn’t trying to force you to do anything. You did an excellent job. Get your kids to sleep.

Right on, I’ll be in touch when I’m ready to start work on version 2 8)