pushing an item to one room but not another

I’m having some trouble figuring out how to let the player push an item only between two rooms but not anywhere else.

This is what I’m working with…

[The world]
The Garage is a room.

The Garage Door is west of the Driveway and east of the Garage.

The Garage Door is open.

The Side Door is north of the Garage and south of the Yard.

The Side Door is open.

A vehicle called The Mini Van is in the Garage. The mini van is pushable between rooms.

[then things go wrong....]

Instead of pushing van into yard, say "The van won't fit through the side door. The garage door would be a better idea."

The goal is to let the player push the van into the drive way but not into the yard.

I’m new to Inform7 and writing IFs. Or at least the last time I did was on my c64 with little “goto 10” scripts. Having a lot of fun with Inform but just getting started on my first story.

Will happily answer my own post… I found the solution in the documentation. Chapter 7.14. Going by, going through, going with

Instead of going to the yard with the mini van: say "There is no way you're going to push this beast through the side door. If you're not mistaken that's what the garage door is for."