Push button to continue

I bet this is in some documentation somewhere, but heck if I can find it.

How do you make a “press any key to continue” type thing? So if you need to give a couple paragraphs you don’t have to throw it in the player’s face all at once.

You’ll need to include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short; it provides a “pause the game” phrase, which waits for the space bar to be pressed.

:confused: I’ve been trying to use that blasted extension and all I get is an error (a ‘Problem’ if you prefer) saying “Problem. In the sentence ‘pause the game’, I can’t find a verb that I know how to deal with.” I included the extension. What else am I supposed to do?

What’s the context in which you have written “pause the game”? That’s the error you get if you’ve written “pause the game” on its own line–Inform doesn’t know when you want the game to pause. You have to put “pause the game” in some other block of code, usually a rule, like this:

[code]When play begins:
say “Welcome to my game!”;
pause the game;
say “It will occasionally ask you to press the space bar, like that.”

After examining the frogurt:
pause the game;
say “And it comes with a free topping!”;
pause the game;
say “The topping is also cursed.”[/code]

Is this helpful?

That was it! You are a genius! A super-genius! I’d kiss your feet if I didn’t that this cold sore!