Purple Revert Buttons in Public Library Pane

I’ve just added Chris Conley’s conversation extensions using the Public Library pane in the Windows IDE. The new versions seem to be running fine (well, I haven’t actually tried Conversation Builder yet), but in the Library pane there’s a purple button next to each of them that says “REVERT TO LIBRARY VERSION (Version 5/150117 > Version 2/1310xx)”.

Searching the Documentation reveals no usage of the word “revert” that addresses this situation.

I’m assuming I can safely ignore these buttons, but I’m curious: In what circumstances will such things appear on this page?

In this particular case, it will appear when the Extensions Librarian fails to update the version string in the Public Library metadata. I have now fixed that, and the purple text should be gone. Under normal circumstances, however, the purple text will appear when you’ve manually installed a version of an extension that is different to the one that’s in the Public Library – you’re making changes, or the author has github’d a newer version, or for any other reason – and this provides a way to re-install the current available version in the PL.

…so, is it still the case that extensions updated for compatibility should be sent to the email address on the I7 website? I’ve updated my Spellcasting and Notepad extensions, and I’d like to add them to the PL.

Yes, Graham has updated the email address on the website to use a more reliable server: extensions@inform7.com