PunyJam #2 - Jam is over and the results are in!

We’re throwing another PunyInform game jam: PunyJam #2 - itch.io

It starts on 29 October, at which time the theme will also be announced.

There will be at least one prize, but we don’t know what yet. You can also join without participating in the competition.

As always, we will try to be insanely friendly and helpful to new and old authors alike. Cooperation and sharing is encouraged.

Please join the PunyInform community on Discord too: PunyInform


It’s not a jam, it’s a party!


Very good news. The last one was excellent!


PunyJam #2 is now on! The task: Write a text adventure using PunyInform. The theme (short version):

“The game must contain a player character (PC) who has some kind of phobia, and this proves a challenge on one or more occasions in the game.”

Full rules @ PunyJam #2 - itch.io

Join, have fun, learn and maybe release a game!


Time for submissions has now ended, and three games have been submitted.

The judging period now commences. Head over to PunyJam #2 - itch.io, play the games and cast your votes! You have two weeks.


For what it’s worth, I tested all three games and they have all tackled the jam theme in a different way. The games are fairly small because of the jam’s time frame. I reckon you could play each one in about an hour, maybe two, depending on your experience.

I believe this is the first time that any of the authors have used PunyInform, so please show your support and encouragement by playing and rating their games.

Thanks to @fredrik for organising the jam. I couldn’t participate this time because of medical issues, but look forward to the next one.


Well done to everyone who took part.

Puny is a wonderful system, and it’s nice that all the games can be played on pretty much any device now.


I’ve finished all games in the jam. All are good and I really recommend others to try them out and vote. None of them are especially hard and you probably finish them in about an hour each.

Well done to all the authors!


I also completed all three games in the jam and really enjoyed all three of them. I think some of the authors are also the first time authors in any development system. Well done to all three authors and thanks for creating these small jewels!!


Could the authors or jam-organizer provide play-online links for the games?

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity has one: https://8rf8qsmb.play.borogove.io/

But Morris and Face Your Fears do not.

I’ll try and sort one out for Morris later today.

Edit: here it is: https://tvkfq2th.play.borogove.io/


All the games are now playable online.

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Face your Fears


Edit: And please vote - PunyJam #2 - itch.io


It seems a total of seven people have voted on the games. It would be great for our authors, two of which have never written a text adventure before, to get some more votes and some more feedback on their games. There’s still a week left of the voting period.


I’ll try to get through them in the next couple of days.


Hello, again! Are we using itch.io’s internal (1-5 stars) rating system for this competition? Similarly, do we use their comment system? Or is there another place that I ought to log feedback?

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We’re using itch.io’s voting system yes.

One way to give feedback is to join the PunyInform Discord server and send a message to the author there (all three submission authors are active there): PunyInform

As for leaving public reviews and comments about the game, I think it would be nicer to do so after voting has ended, so all judges can make up their own minds about the games.


I now realize I should have rename the topic PunJam 2 - Judgment Day, and maybe added an image of a T1000.

Isn’t it always like that though - when you think of what you should have said/written, it’s not funny anymore?

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We’re up to 10, now. (28/3>9, so someone didn’t vote on all 3.) That’s quite good.

Yes, it’s 10, 9, 9 votes so they’re still quite evenly distributed.

PunyJam #2 is over. Final standings (maximum rating if 5 points):

  1. Morris by Dee Cooke, 4.417 points

  2. A Once In a Lifetime Opportunity by Interpied, 3.373 points

  3. Face Your Fears by Sijnstra, 3.300 points

Look out for post-jam releases.

Big congratulations to all entrants for learning PunyInform, for completing their games and putting them up for judging. Extra congratulations to Dee Cooke of course, for placing first.