PunyInform v5.2 released

PunyInform v5.0 is out! Some highlights:

  • Cheap scenery extension has several improvements, like conditionally adding some scenery, making it easy to let some objects be “them”-objects (i.e. the player can “EXAMINE CURTAINS. PULL THEM”, and a debug verb to find problems.
  • Talk menu extension has some improvements, like removing the need for initialization, and defaulting to printing quote marks around what characters say.
  • Flags extension has two new functions, to easily check if any of 2-3 flags are set or clear, e.g. if (AnyFlagIsSet(F_DOG_ATE_HOMEWORK, F_MARTIANS_LANDED)) ... .

We try to avoid breaking changes in PunyInform, but every once in a while we feel the benefit makes it worth it. When this happens, we typically increase the major version number, like now. This version does have some breaking changes - be sure to read the notes on upgrading in the release notes!

Read up on the changes and download the library at Releases · johanberntsson/PunyInform · GitHub


I’ve updated the inform6unix package at https://gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/inform6unix to install PunyInform 5.0. A tarball is available at https://661.org/proj/if/ right now. It’ll be up at the IF Archive when the logjam in the upload directory is cleared out.


I have now updated the articles/tutorials on PunyInform to work perfectly with version 5.0 of the library.

The articles are listed at [GitHub - johanberntsson/PunyInform: A fast and compact library for writing text adventure games for the Z-machine running on 8-bit computers as well as other platforms.]


Retro text adventure library PunyInform v5.1 is out.

This release has a number of optimizations. A minimal game now compiles to a 22822 byte z3 file , which is 588 bytes or 2.5% smaller than with PunyInform v5.0.1. This translates to smoother gameplay on retro computers.

Read the release notes and get the library at Releases · johanberntsson/PunyInform · GitHub


Sorry I forgot to announce it. I’ve updated the Inform6Unix package to use PunyInform 5.1. It has been up at https://661.org/proj/if/ for a while now. I’ve just now uploaded the update to the IF Archive.


PunyInform v5.2 is out!

Biggest news is probably that you can perform actions on cheap scenery objects in code.

As usual, we keep the documentation up to date.

Read more and get the library on the Releases page, see first post.


Dave, Frederick…
Thanks to both of you, but:

Please try to coordinate between yourself: Dave releasing his Unix package with Punyinform 5.1 then Frederick releasing PunyInform 5.2 17 hours later is spectacular…

IF author can have a slow dev pace, y’know ? :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.