PunyInform v5.0 released

PunyInform v5.0 is out! Some highlights:

  • Cheap scenery extension has several improvements, like conditionally adding some scenery, making it easy to let some objects be “them”-objects (i.e. the player can “EXAMINE CURTAINS. PULL THEM”, and a debug verb to find problems.
  • Talk menu extension has some improvements, like removing the need for initialization, and defaulting to printing quote marks around what characters say.
  • Flags extension has two new functions, to easily check if any of 2-3 flags are set or clear, e.g. if (AnyFlagIsSet(F_DOG_ATE_HOMEWORK, F_MARTIANS_LANDED)) ... .

We try to avoid breaking changes in PunyInform, but every once in a while we feel the benefit makes it worth it. When this happens, we typically increase the major version number, like now. This version does have some breaking changes - be sure to read the notes on upgrading in the release notes!

Read up on the changes and download the library at Releases · johanberntsson/PunyInform · GitHub


I’ve updated the inform6unix package at https://gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/inform6unix to install PunyInform 5.0. A tarball is available at https://661.org/proj/if/ right now. It’ll be up at the IF Archive when the logjam in the upload directory is cleared out.


I have now updated the articles/tutorials on PunyInform to work perfectly with version 5.0 of the library.

The articles are listed at [GitHub - johanberntsson/PunyInform: A fast and compact library for writing text adventure games for the Z-machine running on 8-bit computers as well as other platforms.]