Publishing/Archiving Story to File in Twine 2

Hey I need help on Twine 2, I’m new to using it but, when I go publish to file as been advised to save the story I get what looks like javascript, it also happens with the archive button.
Please can someone tell me what to do.

That’s somewhat expected, as Twine stories are mainly Javascript. Publishing should generate a .html file that can be opened in a web browser. Are you using online or desktop version of Twine? Does it generate a file, or are you seeing the result in the app/browser window? Can you take and share a screenshot?

When you publish your story it should produce a valid HTML file which you can then open in your browser.

“Archive” is a bit different, since it just produces a bare-bones file which is only for use by the Twine editor if you need to restore all of the files or move them to another computer.

If you have an older version of the offline Twine editor (pre-v2.3.1) then it would also create backup files in a similar bare-bones format within the “My Documents\Twine\Stories” folder (on Windows). Newer versions (v2.3.1 and later) produce the full HTML file in that folder instead.

Anyways, if it’s not producing a valid HTML file, then let us know what you’re doing, what you’ve tried, what story format you’ve selected, what version of Twine you’re using, and what kind of content is in the files you’re creating, and we can look into it.

Hope that helps! :smiley:

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