Publish to file problems Twine 2

Twine Version:2.3.13
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.1

Hi everyone!

I have just finished writing my first game in Twine and I would like to send it to others for play testing. However, when I click Publish to File, it generates an html file with a Google icon that I can open on my own computer (because it is stored locally) but when I copy that file and email it to others they are unable to open it in their browsers. (like this: file:///C:/Users/start/Downloads/storyname.html) I have read upwards of 50 posts detailing the same problem but have not found the solution (one common suggestion is to email the html file to others so they can open it on their own browsers, which does not work.) Any solutions? I am certain it is not supposed to be this hard. I am using the downloaded version of Twine. Thanks!

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Hi again! Never mind! After hours of trying to figure it out, it was a stupidly simple solution. I got it sorted out! Thanks

Why not mention this solution since there’s so many questions about it that don’t? Clearly its not just you, no matter how simple it seems.


Good idea! I should have done that right away, really, but I was worried about looking like an idiot! So, the problem was that I’m an idiot! When you hit Publish to File, what appears (either in the Downloads folder or wherever you tell it to save) is a Google icon (or whatever browser you are using) followed by the name of the game. When you click on this on your own computer, it opens just fine because it’s stored on your computer. My problem was (and I have seen others with the same problem) that I was then copying that “link” and pasting it into my email, rather than attaching the file using the “attachment” button on the email. And the reason I was doing it that way (even though I knew it would not work because it indicates clearly that this is a local file) was because I kept forgetting that it was a file at all, (because it looks like an app) when it saves onto your computer and I am not used to a file looking like that. I also tried right-clicking and selecting the “share” option and that did not attach it to an email correctly either. But by attaching it to an email as you would any other file, I was able to email and upload just fine. Hopefully, this can help someone else who was confused by the same thing! Thanks everyone.