Public release of the inform7 compiler.

on the offical inform7 website it states this

. I tried contacting

but it seems his email server is down. Is there any progress on releasing the compiler to the public? I have some ideas that might improve its speed of compilation but I dont think I can implement them by editing the precompiled binary.

Here is a link to the Inform 7 Download page:

Inform release 6M62
Release date: 2015-12-24 11:51:49

This is a very stable public release.

The source is available from this link:

Inform 7 is compiled with the Inform 6 compiler. The latest version is available via this link:

This readme for the source repository has additional info: … form6.html


That’s the source code for the IDE. The compiler itself is not public, and basically no one but Graham knows when it might become public. (One thing for sure–writing him to ask about it seems unlikely to help.)

This comes up a lot and many people would like to see it become open source, but for whatever reasons Graham is not ready to take that step.

Thank you for the correction.


I seem to have loads of trouble getting Graham to reply on any topic.

Well I did try emailing him but his domain seems to either no longer exist or his mail server is down. I guess I can try to make due using ida pro. I am mainly trying to figure out why the compiler hangs at the 68% mark.

My own investigation into the ni compiler shows for what its worth these files seem to contain the EBNF description of the language. So thankfully the English to I6n part is not baked directly into the ni compiler.

If you’ve found a bug, please post details at

The bug is that the ni compiler is not open source. :slight_smile:

If the compiler is hanging at 68%, that’s a bug.

I suspect Graham may be more amenable to releasing the ni compiler once the preform spec is fully implemented; IIRC, the plan was to develop preform to the point where the source text itself is localized. I’m not sure if that’s still the case, though.