Public library: "Failed to install extension" message

I tried to download Wade’s new extensions by clicking the “download” buttons for them in the public library tab in the IDE, but got a “Failed to install extension.” message. I did try to restart Inform, and delete the previous version I had from the Wade Clarke folder, and it still didn’t work. Is anyone else having this problem?

I tried to download
Basic Help Menu by Wade Clarke (Version 3).
Menus by Wade Clarke (Version 4).

I’m also getting an error.

I’m using Inform 7, version (1.53/6.33/6L38) on Mac OS X.

Indeed, Wade Clarke’s extensions are 403’d. (See here.)

Hi guys. I will ask mark to have a look.


I had contacted him earlier, and he said he’d fix it later today.

This was due to an oversight on my part. The permissions on both the extensions have been fixed and they can now be installed. Thanks for letting me know about this problem.