I noticed that the info page, now that voting has ended, shows the real names of everybody who chose to “reveal” at the end of the comp.

Not that the true identities of Grunk, Farahnaaz and Dunric were really secret…

I wonder what would have happened to Slap That Fish if Peter Nepstad had entered it pseudonymously?

Hrmmm…I don’t know, but maybe I’ll try it next time if you think it would help!!! [emote]Smile[/emote]

– Peter

So… when do we get to learn the true identities of Edmund Wells and Lyman Clive Charles?

Switching sides in the nym wars, are we? [emote]:)[/emote]

Yes, now that I’m owned by Google, this information is of vital importance.

Not really.

Now that the meta-puzzle has been solved, its authors have revealed themselves:

Lyman Clive Charles is Andrew Plotkin.
Pam Comfite is Kevin Jackson-Mead.
Cameron Fox is Doug Orleans.
Edmund Wells is Michael Hilborn.

I encourage others to try to solve it too!

Well played.

And here I was, sure one of them had to be Jason McIntosh, given the Warbler’s Nest resemblances.

Jason is, of course, a fellow PR-IF member, and was present during some discussions of the meta-puzzle idea, but I think the resemblances were mostly not intentional. Still, it was amusing to see how many reviews referred to Warbler’s Nest. He’ll be glad to know it’s become a sort of archetype in the community’s mind!

There was also that whole matter of the rules being changed to allow in-game updates, which was partly in response to Jason’s complaints last year…

But anyway, wow, I wouldn’t have even guessed Zarf, but given the meta-puzzle, it makes more and more sense to me. Kevin I should’ve guessed, since his last comp entry was also a pure puzzly thing, though I hadn’t played it. I vaguely remember Michael’s entries for IF Writing Month, in which I also participated, and was impressed by them. As for you, Doug, I have to say “Cameron Fox” was a brilliant pseudonym in that I was absolutely sure it wasn’t a pseudonym, but when I googled it, the first result was for a porn star.

Yeah, my goal was to use a pseudonym that did not look like a pseudonym. (It’s the maiden names of my grandmothers, both of whom just died in the last two years.) The only reason we used pseudonyms was so that people wouldn’t guess that there was something up just based on seeing four entries from PR-IF members, but as it turns out we were much more careful than we probably needed to be…